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What Is Kief and How Do You Use It?

Moroccans know kief as a mix between cannabis and tobacco, smoked in a traditional and narrow pipe with a clay bowl called a sebsi. Some people suggest the term kief originates from the Arabic kayf, meaning pleasure, intoxication, and good times. Russian and Hebrew languages have adopted the Arabic term to denote positive emotions and sensations. Kief […]

How Big Is The Cannabis Industry?

In recent years, the global push for cannabis reform has created a new big industry in several regions of the world, most notably in North America, and has put the substance on the radars of entrepreneurs and investors alike. Currently, viable economic models include not only greenhouses and dispensaries producing and selling dried flowers, but […]

The Best Cannabis Joint Rollers On the Market

Rolling joints isn’t for everyone. Whether you’re avoiding smoking or you don’t have time for the ceremonial task of grinding, filling, and rolling a joint, a manual or automatic joint roller can streamline your joint rolling experience. Novice and seasoned joint rollers can benefit from having a dependable tool that can speed up the rolling […]

How to Make a Bong With Household Items

Photo by: Aleksandr Pogudin/Shutterstock We’ve all experienced it, ready to fire up, and there are no papers, pipes or bongs in sight. It’s a good thing pot smokers are notoriously creative. A routine inspection around the house can yield a wide assortment of possibilities for a crafty home-made device. You go into MacGyver mode and […]

What is Cannabis Shake and How Do You Know If It’s Good?

When purchasing cannabis flower, dispensary consumers usually have to decide between low, mid, or top-shelf cannabis flower, but sometimes there’s another option: cannabis shake. For many wondering “what is cannabis shake,” the answer may be different depending on who you ask. While not as potent as the top-shelf flower, cannabis shake can be a cost-efficient alternative […]

Study: More Blunt Wraps Sold in Legal Marijuana Markets

Today we are discussing a small research study with potentially large implications within the health, marijuana, and other industries. We ask: are more blunt wraps sold where marijuana is legal? Furthermore, what does this mean for the cannabis industry? What do changing perceptions and attitudes surrounding cannabis laws truly influence? Do some changes heighten the […]

CBD for Sleep – Leafbuyer

Courtesy: Copper CBD Good sleep is crucial to good health. Who hasn’t been a little off their game or downright grouchy after a poor night of sleep? According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, “Sleep deficiency can lead to physical and mental health problems, injuries, loss of productivity, and even a greater risk […]

CBD for Anxiety – Leafbuyer

Courtesy: Copper CBD Anxiety has become a hot button word lately. And for good reason. 18% of Americans report having anxiety in any given year. It is the most common and pervasive mental health disorder in the United States. Anxiety can affect almost anyone and may result from a number of factors. Anxiety can come […]

What Is 420? The Legend of the Famous Stoner Number

It’s time to celebrate another 420 and this year, more people will be celebrating with social distancing in mind. That’s why Leafbuyer has once again created the “Leafbuyer 420 Guide”  where you can find the best deals in your legalized state. Marijuana is gaining traction fast with recent strides in decriminalization, legalization, and an ever-increasing […]

Wackiest 420 Origin Stories – Leafbuyer

April 20 is the climax of cannabis culture. It’s a holiday meant to celebrate marijuana in all of its glories and forms, for newbies and seasoned veterans alike. What started as a time to light up has evolved into a massive holiday; it’s a time for the subculture to spark up as they appreciate the […]