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How to Press Rosin at Home |

The number of states with some form of legalization in place is increasing every month, adding to the already growing number of people becoming avid cannabis consumers with access to high-quality products. Concentrates, vape cartridges, edibles, and other innovative creations have captivated beginners, connoisseurs, and everyone in between, while ancillary product manufacturers have provided technology […]

Which States Have Marijuana Delivery in 2021? |

2021 has seen a wave of states legalizing and expanding cannabis access, with each state taking its own unique stance on how cannabis delivery will be handled. Laws vary widely state-to-state, so we’ve made this guide to help break them down. States with Marijuana Delivery Available Below we’ve collected all of the states where cannabis […]

Why is it Better to Get Marijuana From a Dispensary?

Courtesy: Shutterstock Marijuana is without a doubt the most commonly cultivated, trafficked, and used drug in the world, and the legalization of marijuana has prompted the growth of an industry that will be worth an approximated $70 billion by 2028. In wake of this, many online stores, like Canna Cabana, have begun selling marijuana-related accessories […]

Weed Delivery: State-By-State Overview |

In a growing number of states, recreational and medical marijuana consumers can have cannabis flower and products delivered right to their doors with cannabis delivery services. Much like a delivery from a CVS drug store (or pizza), cannabis consumers can receive their customized packages right to their door, often in as little as an hour […]

Why It’s Done & What Is Tested |

Cannabis testing. It is arguably the most important and complex business that the cannabis industry has to offer and yet, its importance has always been overlooked. But why is it important? With help from Eric Nagler, Sample Testing Manager at The Spott, a cannabis testing facility in Kalamazoo, Michigan, we will take a look at […]

How to Use a Nectar Collector or Dab Straw |

To anyone dipping their toe into cannabis concentrates, dabs can seem a little complicated. Anything involving a blow-torch usually is. Even once you channel your inner blacksmith, it takes a bit of practice to master the technique of high and low temp dabs with a rig.  As many cannabis consumers are simply looking for the […]

How One Dose of Cannabis Is Determined |

As more states legalize cannabis and create regulatory frameworks, in the absence of federal legalization and oversight, states are on their own when it comes to determining what constitutes a dose of cannabis. In Colorado and many other legal states, one dose of edible cannabis is 10 mg. But in newly legal Connecticut, one dose […]