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How Big Is The Cannabis Industry?

In recent years, the global push for cannabis reform has created a new big industry in several regions of the world, most notably in North America, and has put the substance on the radars of entrepreneurs and investors alike. Currently, viable economic models include not only greenhouses and dispensaries producing and selling dried flowers, but […]

CBD for Sleep – Leafbuyer

Courtesy: Copper CBD Good sleep is crucial to good health. Who hasn’t been a little off their game or downright grouchy after a poor night of sleep? According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, “Sleep deficiency can lead to physical and mental health problems, injuries, loss of productivity, and even a greater risk […]

CBD for Anxiety – Leafbuyer

Courtesy: Copper CBD Anxiety has become a hot button word lately. And for good reason. 18% of Americans report having anxiety in any given year. It is the most common and pervasive mental health disorder in the United States. Anxiety can affect almost anyone and may result from a number of factors. Anxiety can come […]

What Is 420? The Legend of the Famous Stoner Number

It’s time to celebrate another 420 and this year, more people will be celebrating with social distancing in mind. That’s why Leafbuyer has once again created the “Leafbuyer 420 Guide”  where you can find the best deals in your legalized state. Marijuana is gaining traction fast with recent strides in decriminalization, legalization, and an ever-increasing […]

Wackiest 420 Origin Stories – Leafbuyer

April 20 is the climax of cannabis culture. It’s a holiday meant to celebrate marijuana in all of its glories and forms, for newbies and seasoned veterans alike. What started as a time to light up has evolved into a massive holiday; it’s a time for the subculture to spark up as they appreciate the […]

Where Did the Term 420 Come From?

Photo by: guruXOX/shutterstock At some point or another, 420 became code for marijuana consumption. Pot smokers in the office may share a sly smile when the clock hits 4:20 pm. Some cannabis enthusiasts even go out of their way to celebrate April 20th each year, and head shops have special sales on that day. If […]


Cannabis journalism has changed over the years. These are the key players who have transformed the way the world has viewed the cannabis industry. (Photo by Zach Sokol) Javier Hasse – Managing Director, Benzinga and CEO, El Planteo How many 20-something writers can help transform a new industry and become a best-selling author, poet, rapper, and […]

List of Colorado Marijuana Delivery Services – What’s Legal and What’s Not

Marijuana delivery is legal in Colorado, well sort of.  It depends on where you are, and it depends on what type of marijuana you are purchasing. Here’s what you should know about legal delivery services in Colorado and what could change in the near future. As of November 1st, 2020, the delivery of medical marijuana […]

Jay-Z’s MONOGRAM Explodes Into Luxury Pre-Roll Market

Jay-Z Launches High-End Cannabis Brand The introduction of Jay-Z’s first line of cannabis products, MONOGRAM, is a high-profile gamechanger in the pre-rolled joint and blunt market. The products hit the market at the end of 2020 and when you go to the site you are immediately greeted with a hero banner that boldly states: “Redefining […]

How Endurance Athletes Use CBD To Recover Faster and Train Harder

Courtesy: Copper CBD DISCLAIMER: Content in this article is for reference purposes and is not intended to substitute for advice. The products in this article are for novelty use only. What Causes Inflammation for Athletes? Inflammation is an all too common and painful result for endurance athletes. Inflammation causes pain, stiffness, and immobility to send […]