H.E.M.P Documentary Series – Full Episode

For years now, Afends has been working diligently to promote and honour the miracle plant that is Cannabis by helping to soften the stigma that is often carried over from recreational weed to the cannabis plant as a whole; regardless of its medicinal, nutritional and commercial benefits. While we’re closer to the former glory of Hemp than ever before, we’re still a long way off, especially here down under in Australia.

In a seven-part web series now cultivated in to a 24-minute documentary by Dominic Sullivan and Jessekah Forrest, we attempt to remove the controversial image that 70 years of propaganda has left behind. Featuring Dom himself as he attempts to navigate the wide-ranging and sometimes utterly confusing world of cannabis and the legal, cultural and environmental systems surrounding it.
Join us as we take a look at hemp in fashion, medicinal marijuana, CBD, THC, the past, the future and everything in-between.

To view the full episode list head to afends.com/hemp-webseries or view the full length doco at afends.com/hemp-documentary


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